We have the capability to generate an online composite of physical stores in relation to the company’s premises. In this example, we identified the geographic density of Flower Shops / Retailers / Companies in Metro Manila.

We have the ability to pull foot traffic data on various establishments – this information is useful for planning on-ground implementations, or to determine best hours to target customers in a specific area

For the pharma sector, we conducted a scan on all the SKUs within Shopee and Lazada to identify parallel imports / competitors that come from cross-border

Source: Screenshots taken from Shopee.ph & Lazada.com.ph, “Eczema”, Accessed on February 21, 2019

We identified all the SKUs and prices for each of the products sold on these marketplaces

Source: Data taken from Lazada.com.ph, Accessed on February 21, 2019, using the Webscraper.io platform on the 1st page results